Dish it up for Father’s Day!

This week … Spring is upon us! Yes, there’s still a bit of rain to fall, but hopefully not much this Sunday so all the father’s in the land – and in other lands where they celebrate such a thing – can enjoy the day. The way to a man’s heart (corny, but still true, […]

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Spaghetti Amatriciana 1

Spaghetti Amatriciana – Midweek made easy!

Here's my take on the much-loved pasta dish from the town of Amatrice. If you can’t find cubed pancetta, buy a small slab of it and cut it into large cubes. If pancetta is not available, use a small slab of bacon instead, and failing that, thick-sliced bacon.

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National Poetry Day – PHANTOM BILLSTICKERS!!!

Well blow me down! I just came third in the Phantom Billstickers National Poetry Day Waiheke’s Song and Poetry competition (HaHa! Try and make a haiku of that!). Read My Poem Here  The ‘Song and Poetry Thing’ takes place the last Thursday of every month, and tonight was a culmination of a year’s work from […]

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