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Hazelnut Dukkah


Hazelnut Dukkah is a premium product by Shared Kitchen made with spray-free toasted hazelnuts. Use as a dip with bread and oil or sprinkle over your favourite foods such as avocado, chili fried eggs, roast chicken, a traybake of roasted vegetables, and in paninis, wraps and sandwiches.


Made from spray-free South Island hazelnuts, and seeds and spices.

It is more expensive than some other dukkahs on the market because it is made from premium hazelnuts; cheaper versions are made with imported cashew nuts (or almonds).

Packed in cellophane (a vegetable product), with a label made from recycled card (printed on the island), tied on with Trade Aid string.

50g packs @ $9.00 each inc GST

Additional information

Weight.65 kg
Dimensions11.5 × 7 × 3 cm