Julie’s Consultancy Hotline

Doing up your kitchen? Unsure of which appliances to purchase? Need help with party planning? Need a ‘one-on-one’ to help organise a new food or cooking regime or an updated recipe repertoireBook a time with Julie on Julie’s Consultancy Hotline and get your problems sorted.

Kitchen Consultancy

I’ve cooked in more kitchens than I can remember, and while it’s always been rewarding and pleasant enough, some events stand out because the kitchens were such a joy to work in. In my career I have never shied away from a challenge, and I’ve enjoyed the extra considerations called for when cooking on location, at beaches and lakes, in gardens and wineries, and on boats. Although I have never actually cooked on a plane, I have cooked in an airline kitchen and designed international flight menus, and nothing has been more complex than designing those menus, or scarier than working in that airline kitchen!

Every location is unique but there will always be a way to maximise space and layout, and to make it easier to move around and do tasks. That’s the sweet spot, and once you find it in your kitchen, and either design around it or revamp your existing space to make the most of it, cooking is so much more enjoyable.

Take advantage of Julie’s vast experience. From cooking in high establishments such as castles, chateaus and consulates, through to cafés, cafeterias, chalets, cabins and cribs, she’s amassed a wealth of knowledge and knows what makes a kitchen work. 

Party Planning

Party planning might sound like a Tupperware evening but hosting a party or organising the food for a special occasion is way more challenging than that. No matter how small or intimate an event you are organising, as the day draws near it can morph into a monster. That’s when you need to put your hand up! I’m here to offer advice on planning a menu or with food details right from the get-go, or at any time leading up to your event. Talking things through and getting helpful advice can lower the stress levels and help ensure that you get to enjoy your party or celebrations as well as your guests. 

After training at the Cordon Bleu School in London, Julie ran a small catering company in Genova, Italy, and cooked for the British Consul and his wife. Back in New Zealand she catered on film sets, as well as for Prime Ministers and other dignitaries, and foodie greats such as Carlo Petrini, founder of the Slow Food movement. She also cooked for the late Maestro Luciano Pavarotti on both his visits to New Zealand.

  • As an introductory offer (from August 2023 through to March 31st 2024) you will be entitled to a hearty discount on Julie’s Consultancy Hotline, talking directly to her, to ask for food or culinary advice, or for help in planning a new kitchen, or revamp of your existing one.
  • Consultancy fees are discounted throughout the year for Shared Kitchen Premium Subscriber Members. Booking required – please email [email protected] for our rates.