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Julie Biuso At Home


Beautifully photographed by award-winning photographer Aaron McLean, this quality hard-cover cookbook with wrap-around jacket and ribbon to mark your place, features over 270 recipes plus over 35 pages of pantry staples and cook’s notes on ingredients. A classic cookery book with recipes that will  endure.        

Julie Biuso At Home WINS Gourmand World Cookbook Award Best Easy ​Recipes

​Julie Biuso At Home Finalist NZ Guild of Foodwriters Culinary Quills Awards: Journalism Quill;  


At last we have obtained copies of Julie Biuso’s stellar book Julie Biuso At Home.

There’s some simply gorgeous food inside these covers. There are heaps of ideas for midweek meals, things which are easy to whip up and which provide the family with pleasurable sustenance – I’m all for enjoying food, not taking it as medicine. And as most families don’t eat three meals a day every day, there are plenty of ideas for the in between stuff – melting ooey-gooey cheesey things for Sunday suppers, delicious tidbits to load onto bread for super-sized healthy snacks, and stacks of amazing crusty pies and tarts and bunches of really useful vegetable dishes and salads – many of which are a meal in themselves – and of course plenty of irresistible treats to serve at the start and end of special meals to share with friends.

Over the years I’ve picked up truckloads of information, learning much through trial and error, but I’ve also seen how other chefs do the tricky bits. And I share a wealth of this knowledge in the book – great tips and tricks to help you better understand ingredients and cooking processes, to help you become confident in the kitchen and ultimately achieve success with the simplest through to the most complicated dishes.

It’s important to me to serve good food and by that I mean food that is going to nourish us, either because it is good for us or because it is good for the soul. When it ticks both boxes, so much the better.

In Julie Biuso At Home this is the approach I have taken: start with the freshest food, so much the better if you have grown it or you know where it comes from, cook it with care, adding other ingredients to enhance it so that the finished dish sings with flavour, seduces all your senses and fills that often lonesome place in your heart with utter contentment.

Happy cooking


Julie Biuso At Home WINS Gourmand World Cookbook Award Best Easy ​Recipes

​Julie Biuso At Home FINALIST NZ Guild of Foodwriters Culinary Quills Awards: Journalism Quill;  

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