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Sticky Lemon Slice – addictive!

Sticky Lemon Slice 1

Along with wanting to be a surgeon, another Mozart, and the next Attenborough, there was a brief phase where I desperately dreamt of becoming a dentist. As with most childhood desires, these dreams were fleeting and quickly forgotten when shinier ideas were hatched and the new spells they cast led me down a different path. While I can safely confirm the prospect of looking in mouths doesn’t excite me as much as it did when I was 8, it did impart a very real awareness of sugar and its effects on our teeth and health. I’ve never really been drawn to desserts and would definitely choose the ‘salty’ over the ‘sweet’ but there are exceptions … And this Sticky Lemon Slice is one of them! It’s crumbly and a little tart and it’s gooey and just a little addictive. I ate a couple of slices almost straight out of the oven from the latest batch I made and burnt my tongue, then continued to recklessly eat it until I felt nauseous from a sugar-overload and got a headache. Oh well, there you go … It’s hard to resist so you may as well surrender to it and share it with all those prone to sweet sticky manias. I assure you you’re not alone … or at least you won’t be now – it is seriously that delicious.Sticky lemon slice 3Sticky lemon slice 4

Sticky lemon slice 6
Dust with icing sugar
Sticky lemon slice
Slice with a serrated knife and serve

Recipe Sticky Lemon Slice here

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