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Masses of tomatoes!

Tomatoes on the vine

I’ve done it again. Using a very unscientific approach and ignoring all advice, I’ve let my tomato triffids turn into a tomato forest and it is laden with fruit. Three things help: good soil with compost; good mulch, and I use pea straw so any tomatoes touching the ground will have a comfy and dry place to grow; and I take out lower leaves on the plant to ensure airflow and prevent rotting. Underneath, dozens of tomato seeds from last year exploded through the soil. I let some of them come through, so I have a few plants of tiger-striped green-red tomatoes, which are my favourite, and egg-shaped yellow tomatoes which I loved roasted with fennel seeds last year roasted tomatoes

The seeds must be pretty hardy because I dug in some new soil and plenty of compost and turned the soil a couple of times, but they survived all that.

In another garden bed, more tomato plants popped up and I let them be. They have turned out to be yellow tomatoes, and I have let them grow organically into and through the hedge. Hopefully, that will make it difficult for Mr Pheasant to harvest the fruit before me. Everything else is netted to keep the birds out.

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