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Ruby don’t take your love to town

Ruby the sheep

Ruby came for a visit. I hadn’t invited her. And she stayed longer than she should have. We didn’t share tea and cake, though I thought about it.

Bart came looking for her, stressed out, asking had I seen her.

And, yes, I had, a vision in dirty white, she had teetered past at about 10.30. I saw her, moments later, meandering down the driveway. I called to her, but she ignored me.

Later, much later, I heard her again, bleating about something or the other. She was on the driveway again, and paused in the shade for a while. Who did she think she was? Didn’t she have respect for private property? Apparently not.

I called Bart. He came along in his pick-up. He was distraught. By then, she had helped herself to some prime grass and headed off back down the driveway. She turned left. She was last seen headed into town.

I was very worried about where Ruby was headed. I hoped she didn’t have a rendezvous with Shrek’s son. It’s a long way to Central Otago and she forgot her coat!
Shrek the sheep
Shrek the sheep

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