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The potatoes are in the bag!

Potatoes starting to flower.

I had been wanting to do it for years … but like many things in life, I never got around to it. And I had garden space, so didn’t see the need for growing potatoes in a bag. But I bought the bags anyway, and gave some to both my adult children, Luca and Ilaria. Luca and partner Holly were quite excited last summer when we dug up potatoes, and I could see the first spark of a gardening bug, but they live in colder climates and I didn’t want them to start off gardening with potatoes and get a disappointing result. So I gave them a pair of bags. A pair of bags? Sounds weird. Okay, two bags, hoping, sometime, to be two bags full.

Meanwhile, my potato bag journey got off to a cracking start and has continued apace. There’s a wee video to watch below. The first flowers appeared on the plant two weeks ago, but they seem to be taking longer to open than potatoes in the ground. But I’m optimistic. Potatoes for Christmas. That’s the deal. That’s what I told the spuds as I planted them anyway (yes, I have something in common with King Charles – I talk to my plants).

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