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Ilaria’s back

Ilaria crop 2

It’s hard to believe that February is already upon us. Seriously, how did that happen? Mum’s delicious Christmas dinner, the escape up north to the top of Mount Manaia, a house move … all seem like they happened yesterday. Well they didn’t. Time’s ticking, it’s as simple as that (it ticks!), so for us ‘Southern Hemispherers’, we ought to make the most of our summer. Outdoor living to me means snacks. Lots of snacks, at all times of the day.

This particular snack, though, is better suited to the afternoon, ideally under a spot of summer sun with a bunch of your favourites and a collection of refreshing beverages. The dip is easy to make and due to the chickpeas, quite substantial – especially when mounded high on a piece of crispy flatbread. If you’re in the more wintery north try it as a midnight snack and think of us down here in New Zealand, chomping away, spilling crumbs and possibly getting burnt. Time zones aside, a snack for all occasions. 

Give it a try

Roasted Pepper & Chickpea Dip

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