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In the garden: Springtime is giving way to summer

Multi eggplants!

The weather has done crazy things these past few years, but there is no denying that the ground is getting warmer, it’s not as cold at night, and things are growing.

I bought an eggplant (aubergine) plant with flowers already on it. It was more expensive than buying a smaller plant, but it looked so cute, I couldn’t resist. It is bedecked with heaps of flowers and mini eggplants and it is bringing me joy every time I look at it. BUT I am aware that there are too many eggplants for such a small plant. How can they all survive? Will they drop off before they are ready to pick? Will the remaining flowers shrivel? Will the plant look after itself and cull the weakest, the runts? So many deep ponderous questions. Whatever happens, it remains to be seen whether my investment will pay off.

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