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In the garden: My first summer zucchini

First summer zucchini.

I was late putting in zucchini plants this year, but I’ve got two going. I think one is a stripey pale green variety and the other one is regular green. Two plants may well prove to be one plant too many. If you get the spot right, lots of sun, and water well, and don’t have predators (the human kind as well as pests), you may well grow a monster zucchini as I did a couple of years ago. I could have opened a market stall with the produce! It’s early days but things are looking promising so far. I have kept the plastic fencing (it’s on its last legs as you can see from the photo) around the plants and that seems to be encouraging an upright growing habit, which I am happy about, because it is keeping the zucchini off the wet ground. The longer I can keep that dreaded white mould off the leaves, the better. Read about growing a monster zucchini

I grew a monster zucchini!
Monster zucchini

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